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There are things in this world stronger than wands, stronger than potions or curses and it is love that binds them, that holds their power.  It is these things that, when used properly, have the abilities that are only read about in books.  Ordinary objects until someone loves them, until someone believes in the strength of the bond that ties that item to a person or idea - but when that power is called on, it is more magical than anything you could dream in a book of wizards and fae.  It is more than a spoken word in latin or a phrase that rhymes.  It is pure magic, the magic of belief and of love, of honor and of fate.  That is what the mistake is - to think that magic does not exist is to say that belief does not exist, that faith does not exist.  Magic is love, pure and simple.  Magic is seeing beyond the visible, looking to the unseen to be your guide and to allow everything in it's time to be revealed as such.  No cards are needed, no special books bound in ancient leather, no stick finely adorned, no robes with runes at the hem.  Magic is power from within, the power of knowing you have the ability to do what it is you are called on to do and then doing it without ceremony, just doing it as you are called on. 

Yes, there are things in this world stronger than what some see and it is magic or belief or trust or faith or whatever name you wish to call it by.  It is not the stuff of legend for it lives now, in the present.  It breathes through those with the courage to look, to see and to act on it - those who call it out, grab it and make it their own.  It is within us, waiting for the moment it's needed and hoping that we have the stregnth to call it by name so that it may weave through us and aid us in all the amazing ways it can.  It is not something you learn from an old woman in the woods, or from a man with a trailing beard and wrinkles - there is no pointy hat unless you happen to own one and feel like wearing it.  Magic is real, it is alive and it is that thought that binds us all to something greater than ourselves.  Whether you choose to own it or live to it or revere it in your own way is up to you - whether you feel you can call on it or you must pray to it is your choice and it is how your particular vein of magic reveals itself but we all have it. 

The true question is will you call on it?  Or will you deny it? 

I choose to call on it. 


Done!  Even before work there were lines at the polling place - this tells you something important!  This election is key to how we will move forward as a nation and how we will be dealt with in the eyes of the world. 



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TO: All my LJ buddies!
RE: My 29th birthday

When: Sat, July 19th @ 2pm
Where: my place in Middletown, DE (e-mail for directions)

  A lot of emphasis is put on your 30th Birthday, lots of parties and whatnot, but I feel that the 29th birthday is often overlooked.  So, this year, I'm having a huge party for mine.  Also, I live on a farm and I have that sort of room right now.  :D

You are all invited to my 29th birthday party  for a huge bbq.  I have uber crash space as well as uber space for tents.  Oh, and my one neighbor is really, really cool (and is invited too) so we don't have to worry about him - and I only have one neighbor!  :)

rsvp, please!  If you're on my list and you know someone who isn't on my list who would want to come to a party let them know they are welcome too.  This being a bbq, bring a dish you like to share.  I'll have the meats covered and some munchies in the way of chips and whatnot.  It's also byob but we'll be taking keys if we feel you shouldn't be driving home.  ;)  
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so I was reading LJ and talking to roommate...

and i saw esprix had a poll up about cinnamon, so I was telling her about it and she said "I don't know if I'd put up a poll about cinnamon, maybe anise or something." 

So, here it is - the Anise poll!  (caffiene + stress + roast beef with spinach and horseraddish mayo = weirdly awake)
Poll #1188961 Anise....


like it
love it
yeah, kinda
depends on what it's being used for
would rather die than eat this
I'm going to go back and stop the production of this substance so that it's use is negated from history.
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So, read this with the tempo of slam poetry and you've got it spot on. 

There they come again
running rampant on my brain
tiny little nodes of thought
none of them the task at hand
the exhausting work that dulls my mind
total chaos in my pounding head
never what I want to see
these things, these places
all so beige and lifeless - boring!
these walls drive me to distraction
the very place that should inspire
carefully molded to be the
perfect workplace
So complete it forgot the point!
Human interaction so innane
could we ever hope to connect
in so sterile an enviroment?
And there again the little nodes!
Creating scenarios to a alive
I can taste the salty air
I can feel the rustling leaves
I can see the blinding light
I can smell the fresh cut grass
I can hear my lovers voice
Sensory overload while I sit
quiet and calm in a blank, beige office.
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weekend wrap/ Coronation from a photographer's eye

Friday was insane.  in addition to forgetting my grandmother's birthday (yes, throw the rotten fruit, I won't duck) I left work at noon, had a 3 hour shoot with a friend of mine (lots of good portraits!  yay!) and then flew to class where I promptly was immersed in a TON of work.  It was good, and I had a lot of fun (as usual in photo class) but it was tiring and I got home at a 11pm.  Then I baked the blueberry bread that was going with us on the roadtrip, organized my carma bag for the trip, moved my incense ingredients into their new glass bottles, packed my basket, pack my clothes, got everything organized next to the door and finally got a shower and went to bed.  At almost 1am.  

Then I woke up at 4am!   
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Sunday, up at 8:30 for a breakfast bar that was dismal to put it nicely.  So instead we dressed, packed and checked out, got on the road around 10am, found an IHOP for lunch, took an 'avoid tolls' route home (through Princeton, NJ - pretty!!!!) and got home around 4pm.   I just sat and vegged, having not gotten enough sleep and driving 464 miles in one weekend - my brain was mush.  Pizza delivery for dinner and bed around midnight.  

So yeah, whirlwind weekend though 5 states.  Not bad though, really, the drive was pretty, the event was incredible and just looking at garb was worth the trip.  

Picture link soon! 

road trip

It just kicked in that I'm going on a road trip tomorrow... YAY!!!!!!!  I love road trips!  As much as I hate mornings, I love getting up early for a road trip.  Pennsic?  The first one I went to, the plan was to leave in the morning.  We ended up leaving at midnight because I was antsy.  lol   

So the great master list in the sky has started in my head and I'm writing furiously to get it out so that I have room for photo stuff when I get to class in an hour.  But yeah, sent the e-mail to roommate to not forget silverware, where her plate is, to set things out on the counter that she wants to take food wise (or post-it for cold stuff) and that I want everything ready to go in the morning so that all we do is load the car and go.  Not that I think this will actually happen, for myself I know I'll be ready because that's how I am - it's one of the few things that the ADHD hyper-focus kicks in on, the other is fine art stuff (painting, drawing, photography).  So yeah, I'll be standing at the door, stuff in the car at like 10 till leaving in the morning.  Roommate might be too, and that'd be cool, but I'm not holding my breath.  Not everyone is like me.  ;)     

yup.  love road trips. 

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I wrote this a while ago, a few months actually, when I wasn't sleeping well.  I have a lot of what I wrote back then, sitting in a small beige cubicle being so quiet that people asked if I was there or not.   Interesting to be spoken of as invisible when you think that you stick out like a sore thumb.  

such a tart
she dances slowly, seductively out of reach
the apple in the garden of eden
yet we're on the wrong side
she flirts but has only one master
only one to whom she answers
the cruel lord
who steals away from us
when we need him most
keeping his lover safe
away from us
she smiles, graceful veils floating
her stage the warmth of your bed
her slender legs caressing your blankets
her delicate fingers running along your pillows
an orgy of movement
where you would lie still with her
but time screams out and she responds
like a gazelle jumping away to him
mocking you with her gaze
wraping limb around him
slipping silken robe from her shoulder
climbing into relaxing repose with him
while you watch, other tasks at hand
requirements of life holding you in chains
away from her pale satin skin
whos touch brings her to you
whos touch brings sleep

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